Freshman Year Tips

It’s back to school season! The most wonderful time of the year! So much money spent on supplies and books and food and…well everything! Aren’t you all excited?!

So that was definitely sarcastic. Spending so much money is why I dread this time of the year. There are some people that should be excited to start the school year, though…

…that’s right college freshman, I’m talking to you!

I remember the night before my freshman year of college, I didn’t sleep – I couldn’t! I was way too excited. I was about to live on my own, make new friends, take classes that I actually enjoy, the works. So you all should be excited!

There are some things that you should probably know, though. It’s best to be prepared. I know you’ve probably looked at a million tips already, so I’ll try to include ones that you’ve never seen before. Without further ado, here are the 5 facts about college that I think will help you survive your freshman year:

1)You WILL make friends

I feel like this is one of the biggest freshman fears, whether we all admit it or not. Everyone going to college is on the same boat – they don’t know many people and are looking to meet new friends. But don’t try to be someone you’re not. You will definitely find people with the same interests as you.

2) Everyone drinks?

One of the biggest college myths: everyone drinks. Not true. At all. Half of the people I met last year don’t drink. I get along with both groups equally well and they get along with each other. Nobody cares whether you drink or not. They’re not going to cut off your friendship because you don’t like to drink; this isn’t high school. You do you and you’ll breeze through your college social life.


I don’t know if every college is like mine, but my dining areas close pretty early. I never had food at night, especially on the weekends. Or when I did homework until 4 in the morning, I couldn’t use my meal plan. Or when I wanted some chocolate, but I already used my swipe. Or when I ran out of swipes for the week. Or when I didn’t have time to grab lunch. So many things can happen, which is why having some extra food in your dorm is a necessity. Want healthier dorm meals? You can find some easy dorm recipes on the internet!

4) Set a schedule…stick to it.

There were many many times during the school year where I would tell myself “Okay, once I get back from rehearsal, I’m going to eat dinner, then start on my homework, then work until midnight, then go to sleep.” But that never happened. I always ended up getting caught up talking to friends, so I would start my homework later than I intended. Then my phone would distract me when I finally got started on my homework.

5) Get involved…but only if you can manage it.

The only advice I ever heard being repeated as a freshman was “get involved.” Don’t get me wrong, that is great advice, especially if you want some leadership experience down the road. But for freshman year, focusing on your GPA is more important. If you don’t think you can handle being involved and staying on top of your homework, then don’t get involved for the first year. There’s always next year. If your GPA goes down the first year, it can be hard to bring it back up.

I hope those were at least a little different from what you usually see. These tips are based off of my personal experience, and I hope that all of you college freshman will take these into account. I also didn’t bother to put a picture or a quote because I feel like this post doesn’t need one. Good luck with the start of college! 🙂


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