Why hello! It’s good to be posting again! But this isn’t really going to be a post, seeing as I am limited on time. I have exactly one more week until I can stop worrying about school for the year (meaning more posts!), so I was thinking of something simple that I could write, something that would sum up this last week. So here is a poem that I wrote on how I feel about finals week (I am most definitely not good at writing poems in any way, shape, or form, so bear with me):

Wednesday morning, get out of bed

6 AM, feeling pretty dead.

Go take a shower, first one in days

This past week has been such a haze.

Like a machine that does what it’s told,

My mind feels like it has no control.

Walk to class, walk to work,

walk through grass, walk through dirt.

My feet know where I’m going, but my mind is asleep,

Craving to be put into a deep sleep.

Two, three, four hours a night,

Five if I’m lucky, or if I’m done with the fight.

Done with trying, done with school,

To people like me, I pity the fool.

The fool who drinks coffee, every single day

To keep myself awake during the nights of May.

Every day is the same routine,

Work, study, eat, and dream.

Dream about summer and it’s glorious days

Full of adventure, full of laze.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ll miss freshman year.

I’ll miss the memories, and the friends I’ve made here.

But nothing will beat the sweet sense of freedom,

Adventure awaits, and you bet that I’ll see them.

I’ll cherish my summer, every moment it lives,

every smile it offers, every opportunity it gives.

But now, as reality makes its way into my mind

I crash back to Earth, and, well, this is a sign.

A sign saying that I gotta go study

And to stop saying things that seem so nutty.

So as I trudge through this last dreary week,

I have one thing in mind that I’d like to keep:

Work hard, play hard, that’s all I gotta say,

Because all of this will be worth it,




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