“If you’re going through hell, keep going”

Wow, long time no post! Sadly, I have not had the time to post during these past couple of weeks, and so I feel like it’s time to let some worries out and hopefully connect with other people whom are in similar situations.

Technically, where I live, it’s spring. There’s still snow (can you believe it?), but it’s spring. And springtime can mean a lot of things: sunshine, picnics, tax day, warm weather, Easter…and the end of the school year. Which is great, because that means that summer is so close. But that also means that finals are coming up. You know what they say, if you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain. Or in this case, the nasty hurricane.

In addition to the shadow of finals week looming over me, I have three tests this week, homework in all of my classes, a lab report, and a whole book to finish. So starting this week, I will be studying like crazy. I will probably be running on coffee and a maximum of four hours of sleep every night. As if school wasn’t enough on my plate, I still have two jobs and an a cappella group to take care of. So yea, I’ll be a little stressed.

I wish I could cry. I really really do. But crying won’t do anything for me. I don’t feel better after I do it, it’s a waste of time, and I physically cannot cry. I have to force myself to cry most of the time. I think you can pick up that I am definitely not an emotional person. Instead of crying, I tell myself to get my shit together and do what needs to be done.

I try to find motivation to finish all of my schoolwork. This coming Saturday, there is an a cappella formal that I am attending with all of my a cappella friends. That is what I have to look forward to. After all the stress from this week is over, I know that I will be spending time with great people and having lots of fun. That is my motivation.

The quote that I chose is by the famous Winston Churchill, and it explains my life perfectly right now. I am definitely going through hell this week, and the only think I can do is plow straight through it. I’ll eventually be out, but for now, I just know that I have to be strong for the whole week.

The picture I chose was one that I took when I decided to sit outside instead of doing homework. It reminds me that life is filled with great moments, you just have to wait for the bad ones to pass.

So if you’re having a stressful week, take a break and go sit outside. Find something to look forward to. Remember life’s great moments and plan for future ones.


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