Ramblings of an Organized Scatterbrain

If you’re looking for a consistent blog, one that’s strictly about cooking or pick-me-ups or travel – you’re not going to find that here.

If you’re looking for a credible blog, one that comes from someone that has traveled the world or a certified therapist or an experienced mother – you’re not going to find that here either.

If you’re looking for a professional blog, one that makes it obvious that the author is a writer – you’re also looking in the wrong place.

What you are going to find is exactly the title: ramblings of an organized scatterbrain. That scatterbrain being me.


I am fairly new at this. Keeping up a blog is going to be hard for me because I plan on posting one every day. At the end of each day, I will take a couple of minutes to think about the last 24 hours. I will pick what I believe to be the most relevant issue or event or funny story of the day and blog about it.

Each post will be about one topic and include a picture that I believe fits what I am blogging about (the one above was just pulled from Google images). Also, spoiler alert, the title of my posts will most likely be quotes. Essentially, blurtwords will be many topics compiled into one blog.

Maybe you’ll come across only one or two that you find relevant to yourself – that’s okay. I’m hoping that at least one post will be relevant to each person that stumbles across my blog.

Tomorrow, I am officially starting. Spoiler alert #2: it’s just going to be all about me 🙂 You all might as well start to understand me before I start rambling!


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